Sunday, November 15, 2009

Meeting on Imam Musa Sadr held in Paris

A meeting titled "Musa Sadr, Imam of Dialog and Free Thinking" was held in UNESCO headquarters in Paris on Saturday.

In the meeting, Imam Musa Sadr's sister, Rabab Sadr, read out a message on behalf of the Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

Director of of Di Scriptura Institution in Brussels and Istanbul and philosopher, Leonardo Alaeddin Clerici, Michel Lelong, author and a member of Islam and Christanity Friendship Group, IRI Ambassador to Paris, Mehdi Mir Abutalebi, Director of Al-Ghazali Institute at the Paris Mosque Dr. Jaloul Sediqi , Salah Estiti, former Lebanese Ambassador to Paris and a number of researchers from other countries including Mehdi Firouzan, a researcher in the field of religions and a member of Imam Mussa Sadr Cultural and Research Institution in Tehran are among participants who delivered speeches and presented their articles.


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